Month: October 2018

Coins and Currency

COINS & CURRENCY First, and foremost we are here to serve the collector! We have “stock books” loaded with hard to find coins valued at $20 and under, boxes upon boxes of the “more valuable material”, and more boxes of “slabbed” coins. Hopefully, something for 

Foreign Coins and Currency

Foreign Coins and Currency   If you’re like many of us, you probably have a few foreign coins or banknotes lying around. Perhaps they were leftovers from a business trip abroad, or long forgotten items from a vacation. Whatever the reason, you might at some 

Coin Supplies

Coin Supplies   At Alii Coins we have virtually every supply that a coin collector will need for their collection. Books Catalogs Albums Holders Folders Coin Tubes Flips 2×2’s These are just some of the items that we have in stock that will help you 

Precious Metals

Precious Metals For those of you who have a yearning for gold, silver or platinum we can help!   We strive to maintain an inventory of: 90% silver coins Silver Rounds Silver Eagles (and other government issued one ounce silver coins) Silver Bars (in one 

Selling Jewelry

Sell Your Jewelry Today! Selling your old, unwanted jewelry or other precious metals items is easy! Unlike many other so- called “Cash for Gold Guys” we pay an honest, up-front amount for your precious metals. In fact, we pride ourselves on paying the highest rates