Foreign Coins and Currency

Foreign Coins and Currency


If you’re like many of us, you probably have a few foreign coins or banknotes lying around. Perhaps they were leftovers from a business trip abroad, or long forgotten items from a vacation.

Whatever the reason, you might at some point wish to redeem them for “real money” (US currency). But what to do? Where do you go?

Currency exchanges (that are sometimes at the larger airports) and some of the larger banks do offer currency exchange, but with a catch! They only deal in paper money, and they usually only exchange the most current currency- leaving you holding on to the older stuff and any coins!

Here at Alii Coins & Currency we will buy it all! Whether it is a coin, or paper money from a little known corner of the world, we will buy it!

Just bring it in for a fast, fair quote! Walk in with pesos (or yen, or rupees, or…), and walk out with dollars!


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