Selling Jewelry

Sell Your Jewelry Today!

Selling your old, unwanted jewelry or other precious metals items is easy! Unlike many other so- called “Cash for Gold Guys” we pay an honest, up-front amount for your precious metals. In fact, we pride ourselves on paying the highest rates on island for your gold, silver and platinum!


What do we buy? You name it, we buy it!


  • Jewelry
  • Sterling Silver Dinnerware- Knives, Forks, Spoons and Plates, Platters, ETC.
  • Dental Gold


Simply bring your items to our store, and while you are comfortably seated you will watch the process begin.


  • First we examine the item to see whether there are markings as to purity.
  • Then we confirm the purity by either electronic or acid testing.
  • Once we have determined the purity we then weigh the item.
  • Our next step is to go to our computer and find the latest price for the precious metals you have.
  • We then perform the calculations to tell you the value of your items!

Then you’ll have the hardest decision to make… Do you want Cash, Check, or an IOU? (Just kidding- we don’t offer IOUs)!

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